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Alex Stroeer and Remix competitions

Alex Stroeer Remix competitions

A few months ago my mentor started finding remix competitions that would be a good fit for me. The 1st one he found was for Kenna's,"Love Is Still Alive," remix competition on Soundcloud. I fondly remember seeing the end of Kenna's set at the House of Blues in Anaheim when he was opening for Fischerspooner. Around that time, I first picked up a guitar, a synth and G4 Mac. So nearly 10 years later I entered this competition. The day Kenna's team was supposed to announce a winner, we were told that people were,"Gaming the system." It was an interesting thing to say considering that there were no rules announced in the contest. One of the producers, who entered a remix, commented on there being rules being put in place after the fact. In a funny and genuine way, he called Kenna out for how this was being dealt with. The witty comment along with his web icon, Bender from Futurama (coolest character in possibly the best cartoon show ever) led the two of us to becoming associated.

Long story short: I'm extremely excited to be working with Alex, who I probably never would have met if it weren't for the sloppy handling of a remix competition. Here's the 1st remix of a Love's Secret Domain song by Alex Stroeer...

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Love's Secret Domain

Love Is Still Alive (Love's Secret Domain Remix)