Musick cures you of time

Sonically Tainted Déjà vu E.P.

E.P. #2

What can I say about this E.P. that will make you want to buy it? "Musick is Free cause that's the way it ought to be." - A quote from the first song on this release. Gone are the days where you paid the military-industrial complex to interrupt your life and advertise music that you probably don't care about. That only works for about 1% of artists today. If anything: Pay with your attention. Interact. Share this and attend live shows. "Sonically Tainted Déjà vu", is a retro-modern sounding snippet of my life in performance art, bands, drug addiction and some of the mania that has ensued.



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Love's Secret Domain

Love Is Still Alive (Love's Secret Domain Remix)